Thursday, 6 January 2011

Tories Blaming and Punishing the Victims.

Both the government and the DWP like to make great play of the alleged fact that people ‘choose not to work’ and take benefits as a ‘lifestyle choice.’ They will make long speeches about how to change people’s behaviour.

However, the truth is that only one person exercises a choice about whether or not somebody can work – and that is the employer. Please see the following link. Who would have thought it could get worse than 27%?

“…only 8% will accommodate a return to work for those whose Incapacity Benefit is withdrawn.”

Blaming disabled people for their own unemployment, when it is the behaviour of employers that is at fault, is intellectually barbaric.

(You may notice that I just put 'Tories' in the title and not 'Tories and the Liberal Democrats.' That was not an omission or error, it was a factual description.)

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