Monday, 17 January 2011

Draft Letter to RNID Trustees

Removed from the See Hear board for being 'off topic.' I think I'll put it up again.


I am a deaf member of RNID and I am writing to express my unease at a number of ways in which the charity operates. My first concern is that of accountability at RNID. The standard response that I have been given by independent parties is that I should liaise with the board. After asking John Low on how to go about this, he advised me to contact board members individually by post via Featherstone Street. This seems rather cumbersome and I think, in the age of internet, there are better ways to expedite a feedback process. I see the role of trustee as rather like that of an MP – where the interests of constituents are carried forward through surgeries/consultation and that is what I think should happen at RNID. Simply giving out information unilaterally in the form of impact reports is inadequate.

My other main area of concern is that of the employment of deaf and hard of hearing people at RNID in general and especially at senior management level. A lot of the vacancies advertised by RNID seem to carry a stipulation of at least two years experience. Whilst normally this would be fine, it is disregarding the fact, which is often shown through RNID’s own research, that deaf and hard of hearing people are less likely through no fault of their own to have this experience. The lack of deaf and hoh people at SMT (senior management team) level seems to contradict many of RNID’s claims and aspirations; it is a dramatic vote of no confidence in deaf people if they are deemed unfit to hold a single vacancy at the highest level of a deaf organisation. How can RNID champion our suitability to work at all levels in other organisations if their own record is poor? How can it be in the best interests of deaf people not to speak and act for themselves and control their own affairs?

I would respectfully urge you to take on board these concerns.

Yours sincerely,

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MM said...

Totally subversive TIM you gotta admit lol.... even opponents agreed it was the most involved, educated, and inclusive in-depth debate SEE HEAR ever had about deaf issues and charities on its message board. That the topic also saved the message board itself which was dying on its feet should be recognised.. even if the SH producers had decided to ignore it for fear of upsetting this questionable 'deaf' representation. £50m a year turnover and 6 professional IT experts couldn't bring your topic down Tim, well done...