Friday, 8 April 2011

Just how Appalling can the Condem Government get?

Alison referred us to this on Twitter. If you can stand to, read it:

"Red Tape Challenge."

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Disabled, Cuts, and Suicidal?

Anne Novis asks:

HI everyone a Guardian journalist is seeking to interview disabled people who are considering or feeling suicidal due to government cuts for an article about this issue. If interested could you let me know here please, I will get their contact details for you asap. I know its difficult and I don't want anyone to feel they should or have to do this but even if its just an anonymous message this can be used to articulate the dreadful misery being inflicted on so many of us. Thank you

Contact details:

BBC Ouch have been blocking discussion of this.

Friday, 1 April 2011

How the Tories Attack Disabled People.

Here's a fuller list of the vicious attacks unleashed on disabled people by the Nasty ConDem Government. Thanks to Wheelthing from Ouch! for compiling it:

1. DLA to PIP
2. Possibility of 80,000 living in residential homes losing DLAMC
3. IB to ESA or JSA
4. Contributory ESA, paid only to those with sufficient NI contributions, is to be time limited to 12 months,
5. WCA
6. If migrated to JSA people losing disability status; thus, unable to access extra resources given to disabled jobseekers
7. ILF being scrapped
8. Housing benefit
9. The removal of security of tenure from social housing tenants disproportionately impact on disabled people
10. Eligibility criteria dropped for all but critical care support
11. Care packages cut
12. Access to Work is cutting back on items it will fund
13. Cuts to community transport systems
14. Removal of eligibility for Freedom Passes to people with mental health disabilities
15. TaxiCard’s subsidy is dropping; the contribution made by the user doubling; and, the two-swipe system being abolished. So, limiting the resource to around about a one mile journey.
16. Cuts in police budgets will see setbacks in their response to disability hate crimes.