Thursday, 20 January 2011

Cameron's 'Pathetic' Cuts.

Even the Mail offers a bit of support:

'Mr Cameron said to me that if he became Prime Minister he wouldn’t do anything that would hurt disabled children.

'Clearly he’s gone against his word and it’s affecting vulnerable families across the country.'

And lets give credit to some of the Mail's readers - they ain't being fooled any longer:

How many others are in this very same position ? This isn't a ''one off'' case. Disabled and vulnerable people of all ages ARE being targeted . '' In it together '' my backside !

Mother who met PM asks to put disabled daughter into care

Cameron to look at case of mother who asked for daughter to be put into care


MM said...

I'm in exactly that area Tim with my autistic child, it's a catalogue of endless system meetings that just organise more meetings to justify those who turn up. Not a single offer of respite has come forward,and when your child reaches 16 bye bye as well......

Tim said...

I think it's disgusting,MM, this shoulder-shrugging, indifferent attitude.

You would have thought that Cameron would at least care about disabled children. Well his shame is now up for all to see.

MM said...

More worry is other disabled are retreating to avoid the spotlight in case they get targeted by the DWP whatever as frauds, it's a climate of fear, and supported by the state and medias, in any other country it would be a human rights issue, so why not here ? Reading the 1930s German rhetoric about 'unproductive disabled' the only difference is Cameron hasn't a moustache... we'd all love his money to buy in expensive private care... Why doesn't 'saints and sinners' on TV cover politicians...or bankers ?

Tim said...

Here's one of Dave with the 'tache: