Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Disabled In The UK - The 'New Jews'?

Disabled In The UK - The 'New Jews'?

Info re: poster: "This poster is from the 1930’s, and promotes the Nazi monthly Neues Volk (New People}, the organ of the party’s racial office. The text reads: “This genetically ill person will cost our people’s community 60,000 marks over his lifetime. Citizens, that is your money. Read Neues Volk, the monthly of the racial policy office of the NSDAP.”


Alison said...

Not sure about the new Jews, because it ignores disability history. Deaf and disabled people were sterlised and killed under the Nazi regime. We just don't get to hear about it much, because Nazi oppression dominated by a Jewish frame of reference.

Tim said...

Maybe it's not the best wording,Alison, but the author does open by saying:

"My title refers to the Nazis’ first selected victims of their eugenic attempts to create a ‘master race’ – persecution of the Jews came later; the first victims were disabled people, in particular those with mental illnesses. Quietly gassed in the first experiments with Zyklon B"

I see it's possible to leave a comment on the original article if you like.