Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Tory Government breaking Equality Laws?

It is a legal requirement for the government, when making policy, to give due regard to equality duties. Even Theresa May recognises this and has written to the chancellor about his Budget. They were supposed to carry out 'equality impact assessments.' Were any done?

I hope somebody will take the government to court for their failure to give due regard to their disability equality duties when drafting their vile budget.

All hands on deck, ladies and gentleman, let us spare no effort to wipe the smirk off Osborne's face.

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MM said...

I think we should go one better and ask for the DDA to be dropped and go back to the drawing board for an Act that will work with teeth. Since it came in to force there has been little of no advance for the deaf or the disabled, the goal posts just keep shifting. The EHRC are also impotent and unaware too.