Friday, 13 August 2010

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From Ouch! Wheelthing said:

I thought New Labour had plumbed the depths of depravity with their attacks on disabled people; attacks which gave a green light to rags such as the Daily Heil to run what are nothing more than an open-season on disabled people.

It transpires that New Labour has merely given pointers for this nasty coalition to really attack us. We are now living under a constant barrage of vicious attacks; these attacks are being led by ministers and people high up in power.

They are completing the demonization of disabled people. If this isn’t incitement to hatred then I’m not sure if I understand the term. This government is whipping people up into a frenzy of hatred and resentment of disabled people; we’re being blamed for the collapse of the economy and the deficit – which by the way this government is milking for all it’s worth; this country has got through far worse economic issues than this in the past 65 years.

Just as Osborne understood the difference between DLA and Incapacity Benefit before the Budget. He still went along with the expedient device of conflating the two in order to score a cheap political advantage; and, get large swathes of the voting public behind the draconian measures that they, the ConDems, intend raining down on largely defenceless disabled people – sorry if I’m painting disabled people here as vulnerable victims; but, that’s exactly what this inhuman government is doing.

Similarly, newspapers know full well the differences between DLA and ESA and IB. They are fully aware that DLA is not means-tested and can be claimed whilst working. Yet, it suits their nasty Nazi-like agenda to conflate the take-up and entitlement of all disability benefits because it makes for more sensational reading.

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