Thursday, 8 August 2013

Action on Hearing Loss ignoring Deaf people?

Recently on the Action on Hearing Loss (RNID) general discussion forum somebody drew our attention to a Private Eye story about a Deaf person who was ‘tested’ for deafness in a very crude manner by Atos.

Action on Hearing Loss did not see fit to comment on this story on their forum, so I tweeted them yesterday, asking if they were concerned about this crude testing, but I got no response. Surely Atos should be conducting proper hearing tests using the right equipment and getting accurate results printed onto audiograms?

Thinking that perhaps AOHL may simply have missed my tweet, I tweeted them again with an identical question the following day (today) and still got no response.

It’s bad enough that Atos use such methods without being allowed to get away with it by the people/charity who are supposed to defend Deaf people. Atos are paid to assess people properly and AOHL are paid to act in the interests of Deaf people. Yet one bullies Deaf people and the other does nothing about it – ignoring Deaf people who ask for their help.

Update: AOHL have now responded to my tweets, promising to reply to the concerns raised on their forum regarding Atos . Lets hope that we can have a bit of good news in respect of challenging this bullying behaviour.

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