Saturday, 19 May 2012

Hate Pamphlet betrays its own hateful mind.

The Sun reports:

"WOUNDED war heroes are to keep their disability benefits for life after the PM stepped in to halt a bid to cut them.

Worried veterans — including soldiers who lost limbs in battle — had been facing humiliating re-tests that could have seen them stripped of crucial cash.

But David Cameron has now slapped down MoD bureaucrats and ruled that anyone left disabled by military service must be exempt from benefit cuts.

They will also be exempt from a new scheme to re-examine all claimants aged 16 to 64.

The PM intervened to help Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith, who has been fighting civil servants over the issue since December.

Mr Cameron said: “I made a promise to our forces that they will get special treatment, and I intend to stick to it.”

The Government plans to replace Disability Living Allowance with a new benefit called the Personal Independence Payment for all working age people with serious difficulties.

Incredibly, MoD bureaucrats were insisting that wounded heroes get the same grilling as suspected cheats and scroungers — because they feared their cash-strapped department would be left to pick up the bill for administering the payouts.

Mr Duncan Smith is now drawing up plans for wounded personnel to get their own tailor-made support package when they leave the forces.

The Royal British Legion welcomed the move, saying: “We applaud the PM and Iain Duncan Smith for standing up for our wounded heroes."

Note the facts that they accidentally reveal: That people are 'worried' about cuts, that retests are 'humiliating' and cause people to be 'stripped of crucial cash.' I'll leave you to work out the many things that this disgusting rag is letting slip, including their dumb 'deserving/undeserving' "logic.


Rogr said...

I missed this article which revealed so much just as I also missed that the Equalities Commission is to be stripped of half its budget and staff apparently for arguing against this and standing up for ALL the provisions of the Equalities Act. In Scotland by contrast even MSPs have refused to accept Iain's changes voted against them and decided to have their own version so as to stop the demeaning re-tests that would strip people of needed benefits.

Tim said...

Exactly, Rogr, thanks for the comment. MSPs are certainly showing how it's done.