Sunday, 6 November 2011

My complaint to the BBC about Panorama.

This programme had very serious problems with misleading information and reckless language. These problems are too numerous for me to set out in full, so I will provide two examples:

Firstly, the programme referred to a figure of 'twenty-two billion pounds.' This not only conflated fraud with error but also included fraud across all government departments. This is grossly misleading.

Secondly, the programme implied that disabled people cannot play sports such as golf and claim disability benefits. In fact, many disabled people, such as those with deafness, autism or diabetes, for example, can play golf and other sports.

Along with using inflammatory language such as 'on the fiddle' and 'swindle,' the misleading impressions given by this programme could contribute to the rise in hate crime against disabled people, which the Equality and Human Rights Commission recently reported as already a very serious problem.

Link to programme:


Mewsli said...

Excellent post Tim.

Carole aka RoboMam aka Mewsli

Tim said...

Thanks, Carole, I was concerned that I could have put more in, but I wanted it short and precise; I'm sure others will complain about the problems that I missed out.

MM said...

Because we can play golf it means deafness is no issue ?! It is systematic and institutional hate attacks on the most vulnerable in our society, and I rather fear the BBC is on the same bandwagon as the Tories and the media, I've seen 8 BBC programs all suggesting there are no disabled in Britain and if there are they are fiddling the taxpayers day in and day out.

Meanwhile our caring and sharing bankers are coining it.

Tim said...

Indeed, MM. Just because hatred comes in a suit and tie doesn't mean it's not hatred.

MM said...

Actually my 'handicap' are tories... and tory ignorance.