Sunday, 1 May 2011

Canute against Disablism.

I’m a bit mentally frazzled at the moment, but it’s ‘blogging against disablism’ day, so I think I had better write something!

Sometimes hate propaganda can cause the victims to start to believe what is stated. If such propaganda is constantly drummed into you with little or no challenge, this can happen quite easily. Feelings of fear and shame can make it more difficult to challenge it.

One thing that is constantly drummed into us is this ‘black or white’ definition of ‘disability’ – if you can work you are "not disabled," but if you can’t, you are.

But does that definition square with reality? You could be deaf, blind, have downs syndrome or CP and in each case, you could do some sort of work – but you are also most certainly disabled. It's never as simple as the right-wing hater would have everybody believe.

A bit of thought tells you that this ‘black or white’ definition of disability is a false definition that has been imposed on us for political and financial ends. It is pure oppression and used for blaming and bullying disabled people. It is despicable and I reject it.


MM said...

The relentless attacks on disabled people everywhere in the UK by the state and by the brain-dead medias is nothing less than hate crime legalised. When an supposedly 'educated' and democratic society sees nothing wrong in attacking their most vulnerable than where is it at ? On par with Iran ? Syria ? Libya ? its a war without guns, but still a war, they did the same in Nazi Germany in the lead up to WW2 , attacking the 'unproductive' and those who don't 'contribute'. The British Government (Unelected), coalition are the New Nazis...

Tim said...

Totally agree, MM. :(

OldSlaughter said...

Utter utter bollocks. I replied to you on Cranmer.

Tim said...

Hi OS,

You don't say which part(s) of the post here that you disagree with and why, nor is it clear from your reply at Cramner. I'll reply to that if I get the chance.

For those interested, see comments on topic: "Three cheers for the Archbishop of Canterbury" here: