Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Disabled, Cuts, and Suicidal?

Anne Novis asks:

HI everyone a Guardian journalist is seeking to interview disabled people who are considering or feeling suicidal due to government cuts for an article about this issue. If interested could you let me know here please, I will get their contact details for you asap. I know its difficult and I don't want anyone to feel they should or have to do this but even if its just an anonymous message this can be used to articulate the dreadful misery being inflicted on so many of us. Thank you

Contact details: rowenna.davis@googlemail.com

BBC Ouch have been blocking discussion of this.


Hossylass said...

Thanks for that.


Tim said...

Cheers, Hossy! The least I could do. :)

Mewsli said...

Tim your *a gentleman and a scholar*.
Thanks , for posting this . I said the article would get written > Ouch is no longer fit for purpose, and I think it never really was.

Carole aka RoboMam ( aka Mewsli )

Tim said...

Aw, thanks, Carole! I wouldn't go that far, but I try to do my bit to get the word around.

Have to agree about Ouch. :(

MM said...

The OUCH site has become a farce and a joke, probably because the BBC wants out. It's very erratic moderation and imposition of PC viewpoints has made comment on real issues pointless. Suicide is what the BBC are doing for free speech, and the Guardian thing is highly offensive... This is the media trading on misery....