Monday, 21 March 2011

A Fabulous Quote.

Many people who have failed the WCA medical have appealed but the exact figures aren't easy to find on the DWP website. But a quick online search suggests 40% successful appeals. Let me quote a parent who spoke about his own experiences of caring for his disabled son, in a speech to the 'Research Autism' conference in 2009. He said: "The very painful thing about disability – whether your own or your loved one's – is the feeling that the situation is out of your control. When the system that surrounds you is very top-down, bureaucratic, inhuman, that can only increase your feelings of helplessness ... but I do believe there are moments of despair, helplessness and frustration that could be directly alleviated by the work of government."

His name? David Cameron.



Chris H said...

How true Cameron's comments were, as they had to have been from a parent with a disabled child.

Tim said...

Indeed, Chris!

MM said...

Just had my son's DLA stopped, he is high dependency too ! Reason given ? he is 16 so no longer is autistic !!!!

Tim said...

That's appalling, MM, can you appeal?

MM said...

They are now saying that a house move we made 4 years ago wasn't conveyed to them, apparently DLA comes not from any welsh area (?) but via Lancaster or Blackpool. It's something to note if you move home, it's YOUR legal obligation to contact the DLA office separately and not just your local office, we assumed they would pass on the update from there, they didn't..

We have had to make another declaration hopefully they will ignore what is a genuine error to notify change of address, but who knows !