Saturday, 25 September 2010

Ed Miliband

The Guardian said:

Ed Miliband, the MP for Doncaster North, took the top position only after second-preference votes were redistributed, beating David Miliband by 50.65% to 49.35%.

I joined the Labour Party just in the nick of time to vote for Dianne Abbott, with Ed as my 2nd preference. It seems that there were others who joined me in the Blair Ditch Project.

Tim – shaping the future of British Politics (!)

The right-wingers have lost the argument. They can pack up, ship out and join the Tory Party. It says on the back of my Labour Party card – ‘The Labour party is a democratic socialist party.’

I hope Ed does not forget - he got this job because of lefties - he needs to look after us.

Get that red flag out and restore it to the mast.


MM said...

I must be getting old lol both of the brothers look like they shouldn't be out after 9pm, or old enough to vote.... let alone leading anything. The whole thing looks a disaster for labour, is this the best they can find ? While they go for the youth vote, they are forgetting 60% of them never vote at all.... The grey vote will decide.

Tim said...

LOL MM! I was thinking something similar about the hospital consultants that I see nowadays - they all have this darn cheek to be much younger than me. We're all getting old (except them.)

I think Ed may surprise us; these deep cuts coming may cause a whole bunch of people to lurch to the left. This obsession with cosying up to the middle class will be soon forgotten.

MM said...

Not the only one Tim, I expect foetus's every time I go now.... so I take a bag of sweets for them :)