Tuesday, 13 April 2010

How Labour will Crucify Disabled People.

Benefits and Work link.

"The shock plans for ‘simplifying’ the work capability assessment, drawn up by a DWP working group, include docking points from amputees who can lift and carry with their stumps. Claimants with speech problems who can write a sign saying, for example, ‘The office is on fire!’ will score no points for speech and deaf claimants who can read the sign will lose all their points for hearing."


MM said...

This is a sop to those who believe all disabled regardless, are worthless scroungers, who need sorting out and put down mines, cleaning toilets, and sweeping chimneys again... except none of them any longer exist as viable employment.

7 out of 10 election promises never materialise, the other 3 never get discussed...I read part of the conservative manifesto today where, they want schools thrown over to charities, and local subscription.

Is this not a far worse and terrifying prospect for poorer areas of the UK ? would the RNID end up running deaf schools :)

Tim said...

The RNID don't want to help deaf people out of this mess, preferring to shut their casework team at a time when it is most needed. They don't employ deaf people, train them or even help them secure benefits. Pathetic.