Friday, 19 June 2009

EHRC Ignoring Disabled People.

Some time ago I wrote to the Equality and Human Rights Commission because I felt that they were not doing anything to make life better for disabled people. Here is my letter:

Dear Mr Phillips,

I recently e-mailed your off ices at Manchester on October 2 to express my concern about the EHRC’s approach to disability issues. Basically, I feel that disabled people are being treated as the poor relation in the equality movement; here is the content of my e-mail:


It was reported recently (see enclosed link) that the EHRC is not working for disabled people. It seems that many disabled people, including myself, agree with this sentiment. I would like to ask the EHRC if they have any comments or reassurances to make on this issue in the following discussion:


Unfortunately, I have still not received a reply to my points, even though I received an automated response saying that ‘a full response will follow in due course.’

Please may I ask if you are concerned that some disabled people do not at present have confidence in the EHRC. It does not seem as if the EHRC is at all bothered that disabled people are underrepresented in politics, the workplace (especially at executive level) or even in their own organisations.

Yours sincerely,

I did not receive a response to that letter. I did receive a response to a later letter that I wrote to them about disabled people's human rights being abused by the Welfare Reform Bill, but they did not answer my questions or points.

So while disabled people are being neglected and ignored by the EHRC, what do they actually sit up and pay attention to? According to their website, they will respond with a full page when people decide to vote for the BNP.

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MM said...

You might note, that apart from the e-mail contact, the Welsh phone number is non-deaf accessible either.

tim said...

That sounds depressingly familiar now, MM. We need some sort of watchdog with real bite fighting for us. RNID aren't up to it.

MM said...

RNID, human Rights, EHRC, BDA, RAD, HC, DDA, etc... Given those hills to climb we are gonna need real help.... I wonder if deaf are aware no-one speaks for them anymore ? At least no-one except the RNID taking advantage, full in the realisation the deaf have abandoned access as a viable proposition.....