Tuesday, 29 October 2013

AOHL ignoring Deaf people and their needs again!

Recently somebody drew my attention to a petition calling for proceedings in the Welsh Assembly to have subtitles and BSL, so that Deaf people can follow the politics that they are interested in or that affect them.

Agreeing strongly with this petition and seeing that it had only just started, I tweeted "Action on Hearing Loss" (sic)to see if they supported it. Unfortunately, not for the first time, they completely ignored me.

I then mentioned on the AOHL forum what had happened and my post was removed, along with the contributions of another Deaf person on the same matter.

I don't know exactly what is going on, but it seems that everything about Deaf people is being done without Deaf people and this is not a good comment on AOHL's attitude to Deaf people.

My hunch? AOHL is doing secret deals with BBC/providers/Ofcom, entering into hidden agreements on what is an "acceptable" level of access through subtitles and BSL. If you can shed any light on the matter, please leave a comment, thank you.

I am reminded of some important maxims and why they are important:

'Nothing about us without us.'

'Rights, not charity.'

News report.

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MM said...

catevis 567I fully support the petition, it is with some regret not a single leading Subtitling campaign with leading charities apart from Hearing Link have actually signed it. I don't see how AOHL can claim to be campaigning itself and then refusing to support a petition doing the same. Surely we are adults and above petty jealousy ?